Monday, November 23, 2009

Ben and Jacks - Manhattan

Solitary Steak Ain't a Good Sign
In the go-go days of NY, you never would have found yourself alone in a steakhouse during Friday lunch. After a long wait to be seated, it would have been elbow to elbow combat and deafening table chatter. Fast forward to now: Ben and Jack's new location on Madison Ave between 28th and 29th. Same delicious steak you get from any good steakhouse minus the crowd. Matter of fact, it's downright scary how empty the place was.

It's not the steak's fault - I got a T-Bone that was spot on. Juicy, fatty and charred on the outside as it should be. Both Ben and Jack come from Luger's, so they know what they're doing. But check out the dining room on a Friday at 1pm. It looks like a funeral. I have a feeling this is how a lot more places are going to be looking soon if the economy doesn't pick up.....

255 5th Avenue

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