Thursday, January 26, 2012

Victim One of Two - Bangkok

Was it the Street Breakfast?
We're hardcore street eaters.  We know we'll eventually pay.  Rather, I know I will eventually pay - I've a much weaker stomach.  So, it came as a surprise that Dodo got knocked out of the game this morning.  It's hard to say what did it.  Was it the pork porridge she had for breakfast?  It looked pretty good coming out of the bag, into the bowl. 
We bought from under the skytrain and sat in a nearby plaza to eat.
Pork porridge is comfort food for the Dodo, she kicked off the shoes and folded herself into a pretzel before taking the first spoon dip.  She later bought a few chicken wings that we both tried.  Delicious as usual.
I went with something seemingly more dangerous.  My over easy was super easy - as in runny to the max.  I thought about that as I mixed the goo into my rice.  Very delicious!  I'm happy to report that I feel great.  "Strong as bull" I bluffed, apologizing to my better half.  She will be missing lunch today and hoping for dinner.  The kid, meantime, will be out and about, trying his luck.

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  1. Chicken wings 2 thumbs up!! Hopefully one of the five packets of chicken flour can help us achieve something close back home.

    Obviously the morning experience didn't deter me. Happy with OUR Basil pork rice with egg dinner!

  2. @Dodo - won't work. Thai spice on a Sing chicken?

  3. Does this mean there will be an upcoming post titled "Victim Two of Two"?

  4. @jae_em - Never! The kid is too strong. STRONG AS BULL!! Wahahahaha. Now, I'm nervous, I think I just jinxed myself.