Friday, May 8, 2009

Hibino - Brooklyn

Japanese Lunch to Drown the Sorrows
I'm headed back to Paris on Saturday for a long spell. As spoiled as it sounds, I'm sad about it. I hate being away from NYC in the summer. As my time winds down here each meal takes on a special feeling. "This is the last time I will eat this food at this spot, blah-blah-blah" and other overblown sad-boy talk. I'm revisiting favorites, of which Hibino is one. We went for some Japanese home-cooking and I was sure to get some pork Gyoza, which were part of a lunch set.

Hibino offers what they call "Kyoto-style Obanzai" or "Japanese tapas" as well as sushi. I like the small touches, such as the pickle shavings that dust the rice......

.....and the tiny Hibino logo burned into the chopsticks.

We started off with Miso, which in their version, sports some welcome slices of squash.

Ping-Ping got a set with corn and curry croquettes, which she graciously shared with me. Each bite was a juicy corn burst encased in crunchy batter.

As if two lunch sets weren't enough, Ping-Ping also ordered some soft shell crab tempura rolls. She's got big eyes at meal time - way bigger than her lil stomach. I'm glad she did it though, they were quite tasty - the crab must have been battered - it gave off a pleasant crunch.

Ping-Ping is a tough judge - she used to live in Tokyo. When she tells me a Japanese place is "not too bad", that is high praise. Just look for the Hibino logo flag in the window.
Cobble Hill

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  1. Definitely one of the more decent Japanese food places around (I mean Ippudo was great but that's ramen)...

    The sushi roll was definitely good!

    We finished our meal.. so I am not sure what is meant by eyes bigger than stomach comment.. BLAH!

  2. "We" finished the meal after "you" ordered too much, BIG EYES!

  3. Oooooh yum! That place is on my list, and those photos make me all the more eager to get there. Thanks!

  4. EIB - you won't be disappointed....