Thursday, August 18, 2011

Columbia 8 - Osaka

Burn You Twice Curry
It burned the buds and it's gonna burn the cheeks.  Not the cheeks on your face, the other ones.  The Columbia 8 curry is the hottest thing I've eaten in Asia, bar none.  That includes Thailand.  It didn't help that Dodo "gohan sukoshi'd"' (less rice) the order, forcing me to eat two spoonfuls of fire for each spoonful of rice.  This hidden ten seater is a nice place to eat curry in Osaka.
The young owner was bewildered how a Singaporean and New Yorker found his restaraunt.  When we showed him the write-up from a travel book we picked up in Hong Kong airport, he was surprised.  He knew nothing about it and proudly showed it to all his patrons, locals no doubt.  They ewwww'd and ohhhhhh'd and seemed happy for him.  That's him in the shot.  He gave us a very warm welcome and explained that his curry is an original recipe.
Dodo's mixed curry was less spicy and was the clear winner.  It was a delicious melange of chicken, eggplant, tamago, potatoes, peanuts and loads of curry.  I may have tasted clove, perhaps cardamom but he wasn't telling.
I won't go into how we searched in circles for the place under a scorching sun.  Suffice it to say I played the good boyfriend, patiently seeking from under my dark black umbrella.  The Dodo had all but given up but it finally appeared to us like a mirage.
Doshomachi 1-3-3 Ebisu Bldg 2F,
Chuo-ku, Osaka

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  1. Ah, I remember eating a super-hot chile & it burned both sets of cheeks. Why do we do it? so we'll be happy we're still upright?

  2. @Sal - well, in this particular case, I wanted to wave a white flag but the chef was two feet away, eyeballing me.

  3. Puff in SG says....August 29, 2011 at 11:09 AM

    Gotto say this is a unique one of it's kind of curry! Not Japanese, not Indian, not Singaporean.... special and yummy! Glad my babe help me find this place.... I almost gave up!

  4. @Puff - mine was a bit too too hot, yours was much better.