Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sweet Melissa - Brooklyn

An Old Sweet-Tooth Favorite
I'm headed back to Paris today and saved Sweet Melissa for last. This is one of the four places in NY I would confidently take a Parisian for baked goods (the others are Baked, Trois Pommes and Amy's). It's a patisserie/cremerie/sit-down brunch/lunch spot. It's one of those rare places where I like everything they make and is named after a real person, Melissa, who can often be seen hunched over a bowl of dough, covered in flour, a big smile on her face. She loves baking and you can taste it, especially in the almond brioche bread pudding. Unlike other versions, hers is light, moist and brimming with flavor.

I'm also partial to the pumpkin cookies with their rich cream cheese filling. I remember getting one of these for the first time and pretending it sucked so I didn't have to share any with Puffin. Just thinking about that now makes me laugh. I bought her cookbook, in which she gives away the recipes for all her best stuff. I've made her banana-apple bread so many times I've almost memorized the recipe. Melissa, I want to thank you - that recipe made me look like a stud to my girlfriend. Ain't that right, babe?

276 Court Street
Cobble Hill

(and another location in Park Slope)

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  1. Oh yes.. I love the banana apple bread. You definitely have mastered it. Of course, am not sure if Melissa does sell it at her shop whether it will be many times better =P

    Tried the pound cake receipe and it rocks too.. in fact, there's none left and it was only baked last night.

  2. awesome post guys, you made me very happy today. thank you very very much. xo-Melissa

  3. Holy smokes, a comment from the lady herself! Puffin, you're getting famous. You're very welcome Melissa - but we owe YOU many more thanks - you make us happy every time we visit.

  4. Very cool to have the baker herself reading your blog!

  5. @Sal - I don't think she reads it, she probably has a Google alert notifying her of posts related to her bakery. Nevertheless, it was pretty cool for her to leave a comment. She's very down-to-earth and nice.