Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sundaes and Cones - Manhattan

You Scream, I Scream....
It is friggin hot in NYC right now, so much so that when Puffin spotted this ice cream place I was more than happy to check it out. I ordered a scoop of Tiramisu ice cream which hit the spot. It was rich and even included pieces of cake within. A very nice find indeed. Puffin got a strawberry cheesecake, which I didn't bother to photo because I have this thing against strawberry ice cream.

The place is light and pleasant, with giant windows looking out onto 10th Street. There are a few seats at the window and more sprinkled out on the sidewalk. It is a tad pricey at $3 and change for a single scoop, but hey - that's Manhattan for you, right? It seems to have a slight Asian bent, given some of the flavors offered, such as lychee, green tea and black sesame.

East Village

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  1. Very efficient indeed.. the ice cream is probably still digesting in my belly :)

    My strawberry cheesecake ice cream was good too.. but probably not as memorable as what you had.

  2. Who made the right choice this time? Who?

  3. mmmm, i can always go for an ice cream cone ! especially when it's sweltering in nyc ! i actually remember going to that place when it first opened. i made the wrong choice of ordering taro root ice cream. i bet your tiramisu was much better. i actually just reported on my tiramisu gelato in venice on MyKugelhopf... ! great (and hungry) minds think alike ;)

  4. Kerrin - enjoy your Venice trip, we were just there a few months back and had a grand time. It was blood orange season so we drank lots of blood OJ and ate like kings.

    I especially liked the black rope licorice there.

  5. Two days ago it hit 89 deg. in Syracuse (NY) and was perfect for ice cream--Gannon's homemade. My mouth waters. (Today, the furnace is on again.)

  6. Sal - the furnace? Man up, Sal, put on a Mr. Rogers sweater and skip some rope.