Thursday, January 5, 2012

Potong Pasir Kopi Pau - Singapore

They're Not Famous But They Should Be
Bao or pau?  Kopi or coffee?  Regardless of word choice - we're talking about a steamed bun with a sweet coffee-flavored belly button.  I tried to sell my local friends on it - they just gave me the "what does an Ang Mo know about bao" look.  Especially a bao from Potong Pasir - one of the smallest estates in Singapore. PP is a bit dog-eared in a lovable way.  While the rest of the island has been upgrading like crazy, PP has retained some original small-town charm.
When you tear open the tender skin you get to the goodness.  I am guessing it's some kind of sweetened bean paste flavored with coffee.  Drop one of these like a hand grenade on your 3pm post-lunch lull and see what happens.  I pair it with a nice kopi c siu dai and nod off like a heroin junkie.  (If you don't know what a kopi c siu dai is, stand by, I am gonna do a post on Singapore coffee soon.)
You'll know you got the right spot if this is your view.  My local friends did try it out in the end.  Even Pirate had to admit it was good and she's tough.
You can't beat the price at 60 cents.  Another wonderful thing about PP - the prices haven't upgraded yet either.  If you visit and happen to see an Ang Mo nodding off nearby - let me sleep....
Potong Pasir Avenue 2 - Block 146

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  1. @Bisou - you're signed up, they're waiting for you...

  2. Like! hahaha, more breakfast like these for me soon! C Long enjoys 'c siu tai' too. altho she says, why need to add money, they usually use evaporated milk for drinks in Hong Kong! >:(
    Coffee shop terms article:

  3. @Annoying - have you tried the kopi pau yet?

  4. i drink tea not coffee. do they have tea pau? :D Hong Kong has!

  5. @Annoying - You are too young to haves so many rules..... Coffee fuels the world.

  6. Okay so I've finally convinced Gorilla that we need to take a refresher 3 day trip into Singapore in late April. We love to hawker centre hop while we're there. No degustations please! That's reserved for NYC, Paris and London only. Which hawker centre would you and Puff advise us to go to? We'll be staying at the Swissotel The Stamford while we're there.

    Btw, while on the subject of degustation, you need to check out Per Se and Daniel when you're back at NYC next. Once in a life time experience! Well Per Se was, maybe we could do Daniel again ;)

  7. @Cewek - I recommend trying ALL the hawkers!!! I don't really have one favorite to be honest, each has a few excellent stalls. Dodo says go to Tiong Bahru for breakfast.