Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sari Ratu - Jakarta

Nasi Padang
This is how they stack em up, one on top of the other. More food than you can hope to eat in a sitting, but not to worry - you only eat and pay for what meets your fancy.

Nasi Padang, directly translated, means "rice from Padang"- a region in western Sumatra. But it refers to a style of meal where rice is accompanied with a bunch of side dishes. First up for me was a skewer of satay. I expected beef but it was chicken instead, which threw me for a loop.

Pingles went for the potato and quail egg dish and liked it. I tried it but didn't care for it.

Look familiar? This was no yard bird, though - this had some meat on it.

I was under the weather with a cold, so I tried a bit of salad. It was very refreshing. I waited for my Sing-Chinese girlfriend to hit me with one of those eastern eating philosophy "cold doesn't like salad" type of scoldings but it didn't happen.

According to the Sari Ratu menu, this is called an "Udang Super" or "Super Prawn." They aren't kidding - this thing could have been used as a boomerang - it was gigantic. Pingles took it down like a pro and told me it was delicious.

Strangely, one of the few dishes we both liked was this corn fritter. It's called Perkedel Jagung and it was loaded with juicy corn kernels that burst as you bit in.

This made the photo list but not the Puff list. Neither of us dug into it, we were already full. Of the 20-something dishes they put out, we only knocked off a third of them. We then called for the waiter who counted up our empty dishes and rang up the bill. I recommend the experience.

Plaza Indonesia Mall
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  1. Think next time we venture to something like this.. we should gather more friends. It's hard to try everything with just 2 of us.. (Plus u obviously don't eat much for dinner!!)