Thursday, May 21, 2009

Willie's Dawgs - Brooklyn

Dogs in the Slope
This is the last BK post for quite some time - I'm over in Paris now and loving it (not.) Anyway, as you might expect, prior to leaving I hit some spots that could be considered quintessentially American. Willie's Dawgs is a hot dog purveyor in the Slope which offers a variety of dogs and toppings that should satisfy most. They offer all-beef with a natural casing, a couple of natural beefs with and without natural casings as well as chicken, turkey and tofu dogs. I kept is pretty simple and old-school and ordered a "Mutt" (all beef with natural casing) with onions and mustard. It had a nice crunch thanks to the natural casing. I chomped it down within minutes.

I did suffer a bit of indecision when it came time to pick a mustard. Mustard lovers out there - they got a load of them. Take a look.
Ping-Ping had just wolfed down a lunch of orgasmic al di la lasagna (see below) so she only got a side of fries with chili after I promised to help her with them. The fries were ok but I didn't care much for the chili - it was overly viscous. Ping-Ping enjoyed the pictures of dogs (real ones that bark) on the walls - I'm sure she'll comment on that in the comments, right Ping-Ping?

351 5th Avenue
Park Slope

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  1. Okok.. I know I am late in posting my comments once again. One wouldn't believe how many reminders I get.

    Willie's Dawgs.. hmm.. let me try to recall my experience there. Oh, I recalled being very impressed with the pictures of dogs on the wall. It's not your usual framed photos but each one was very 3D with a story. The person who did it definitely put his/her time and heart into it.

    I know I'm supposed to comment on the food but I was only given a bite (not that I am complaining) so it's hard to say much. Haha..

  2. Someone was full from the "perfect lasagna" so you only wanted ONE bite! I could not believe it - I have never seen your bottomless tummy fill up before.