Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tina's - Manhattan

Cuban Lunch Hits the Spot
I always knew this spot as Sophies and didn't even realize they'd changed their name to Tina's until I'd eaten and was leaving. Midtown lunch has a write-up about the name change here. They still got the patties in the window, pulling you off the sidewalk like a tray of magnets.

Puffin got the chicken fricasee and gasped when she saw how much food it is. I had to finish off my pork sandwich and then help my lil-stomached loved one. I was more than happy to. This is hearty, nap-inducing fare.

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  1. Late in commenting and got "threatened" by someone that he's gonna stop writing this blog :(

    I enjoyed my chicken fricasee although I do think the mexican green chicken I had @ the Brooklyn spot was better :)

  2. You mean the green chicken at Tacos Matamoros. You really love that place, don't you?

  3. @ADG - it was pretty good. Not sure this place exists in it's original form any longer. There was a lot of drama with the owner or some kinda legal nonsense a while back.