Monday, October 17, 2011

Canezees Donut - Fukuoka, Japan

"Healthy" Japanese Donuts from the Memory Bank
In the early days I'd blog immediately.  I find I'm getting slower and slower.  Take Canezees - I was there almost two months ago and am just posting.  It's not a comment on their donuts, more my laziness.  I remember being surprised by this funky donut shop, found along the railroad tracks in a forlorn section of Hakata.
They hand-roll em and fry em in rice oil, which makes them a bit lighter.  They forgo eggs and white sugar as well.  With regards a "healthy donut", there's only so much you can do.  You can shave him and teach him to play the piano, but he's still a gorilla.  The glazed, above, was a bit better than the honey, below.  Top of the lot was the "adult" chocolate, photoed at the end of the post.
The small shop is takeout only.  We sat outside, eating off one of the oil drums scattered near the point of the triangle-shaped building. 
The early morning the crew was there, covered in flour, cranking out the day's batch.
These donuts were a nice reprieve from an otherwise unhealthy attack of deep-fried gyoza, battered chicken wings and grilled pork bits during our time in Hakata.
Hakata, Fukuoka Japan

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  1. I like... and miss. Come to think of it... there ain't any good donuts in SG are there? Can I put u to the task to find us yummy donuts in SG? Are u up to it??

  2. @Puff at Work - Sure. Are you sponsoring the search?

  3. You could always resort to baking, yourselves...

  4. This is a great post the only thing it's missing is a cartoon of a shaved gorilla playing piano. Also, I like that the doughnuts are healthier than deep-friedn gyoza battered chicken etc... finally you are lazier than the early days but your photos have gotten better.

  5. @Niko - sure am lazier, my real job has gotten busier too.