Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Haecheon - Seoul

Seafood Karma
I recently attended a funeral in Singapore and learned a bit about Buddhism.  The priest made an interesting point about how rare it is to come back as a human.  Most of the time when you're reborn you're probably a bug - of which there are billions.  Think about that a moment.  You are lucky.  Of course, after going to Haecheon and eating their seafood pancake I considered that to be reborn a shrimp and end up on this pancake would be quite satisfying.  Simply spectacularly delicious.
This was a yummy seafood frisbee, so good in fact that I didn't want to play catch with Dodo.  I wanted to keep it for myself.  As they say in Brooklyn, or used to say back when I didn't have a fat neck: "keep it dolo."
The menu specifically mentioned the Welsh leeks so I flipped it over to show you.  I lived in Wales for two years as a kid and I never thought I would see any of their foodstuffs mentioned on a menu in Korea.  It's a strange mashup world we live in, kids.
Now, I don't mean to tease my lesser half (she's better than me - smaller, I mean) but she really tripped over the dope-rope with her order.  Some kind of horrible porridge that I tasted for completeness sake and quickly chased with a swig or two of beer to clear the palate.  Dodo, why?  What were you thinking?
As usual, there were assorted picked side dishes and they really hit the spot.  I think every culture should offer these.  They are nice to snack on while waiting for the meal and once the meal starts, they add a nice change of pace.
Did I mention that we were in Seoul in the middle of the frigging winter?  It was so cold that I wanted to stay in my hotel room and cry.  I come from a cold place but I now spend so much time in Singapore that I've gotten soft, weather-wise.  I am happy about it too.  You can have the winter, I'm done with it.  Ok, give me two white days at Christmas and then let's get back to the 80's.  This photo doesn't show it but the snow was rippling against the window like an icy curtain.
The post-meal wreckage.  (See how much porridge is left....?)

264 Itaewon-ro
Itaewon, Seoul

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  1. What's wrong with my order?!!??!? It's abalone porridge ok? Fine! Not as good as yours but it wasn't bad... blah!

  2. @Dodo Speaks - man, that porridge tasted like plaster soup, don't lie....

  3. @Pesky - where's your snarky fail comment? Now that makes TWO Seoul posts, so there. By the way, I love your blog.... Oh wait, you don't have one. FAIL!

  4. Meannie! >< i'm a softie too. my finger nails bled for the first time for no reason and my ulcer was bleeding quite severely. from a lack of humidity... can't wait to see you back in sg ((:

  5. @Pesky - look, this isn't a medical blog, my readers don't need to know these gross things.... Just teasing... I look forward to seeing you, when you coming home?