Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ming Kee Live Seafood - Singapore

Crab Bee Hoon and More...
I don't make any decisions in Singapore, I am sloth-boyfriend, waiting for direction from Pingles on where to go, what to think, what to do, when to do it. This approach never fails me, especially today. Her cousin recommended this place for crab bee hoon, which is crab with rice vermicelli. You just gotta fight the crab for the bee hoon...

But first, the warm-up: something I never, ever would have expected to like in a million years. Just goes to show - first try, then make up your mind. This is fried fish skin. Sounds decidedly unappetizing, I know. It's really, really good - like pork rinds. Crackling, salty and light. I think I hate half the basket myself.

Another unappetizing looking dish: tofu and mushroom with broccolli. If I'd trusted my eyes only, I would've been wrong again. This was light and fresh, the tofu was homemade.

Next to last, clams in a garlic sauce. I am not a clam fan and I enjoyed these. Everything was super-fresh - I think that was the key. As far as the crab bee hoon, the bee hoon was loaded up with crab roe, so if you're into that kind of thing then you'd like this very much. I am in the "into it" camp myself, so I had a good night.

556 Macpherson Road

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  1. The last time I had crab in the shell, I had to fight the crab for the meat. It was worth the fight but you could have made a case for the crab's being the winner. I was still hungry afterwards (more calories out than in).

  2. the fried fish skin does look like pork skins!

  3. Hmmm, I wonder which Pingle girlfriend would sign anonymously.....

  4. me! The Crab stalker...

  5. Your silly answer rules out Gina and Meiwan. Diana is probably hard at work. That leaves Yin Yin and MC... My gut says Yin Yin, being the biggest crab lover.

  6. you guys ate crab without me!!! ><

  7. @Small J - somehow I think your trips to Finland and London make up for that....