Thursday, September 8, 2011

Asahi Ken - Fukuoka, Japan

Whatchya Making Grandmama?  Gyoza?
You ever been to a restaurant where grannie is sitting right behind the counter hand-making gyoza and chit-chatting with the customers?  I have and I feel special.  We picked Asahi Ken (旭軒) out of a Japanese food magazine we bought at the train station.  After a few bites of grannie's food, I wanted to pick up that fat pink superphone on the counter and call everyone I knew to brag! 

She is famous for her gyoza and I must say, they're tailored expertly.  The skin was superthin.
What really had me singing were the chicken wings.  I have no clue what they do to them to make them so smokey and lovely.  I'd confidently race em against any of your favorites.
As usual I dunked in the wrong sauces but I couldn't help myself, I'm both stupid and stubborn.

Dodo kept the plates of gyoza rolling in and I re-upped on the wings and we sat there, filling two of the 6 seats, for quite a long time.

There was no risk of the goodies running out.  Grannie was turning em out faster than we could make em disappear.

Here's a shot of the exterior in case you're in Fukuoka and want to check it out.

Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Haruyoshi 2-13-22

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  1. LOVE!!! I should have had more.... was tricked into thinking we were going for more food so I held back. Wish I had ordered 4 dozens of gyoza! Now I wonder when I will have a chance to eat it again :(

  2. @Sadsack - tricked?? Wahahaha... So greedy!

  3. I want that phone!!!

  4. @Sophie - careful, I think you'd have to jam a fistful of coins into it just to make a short call.