Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison - Singapore

Juicy Pork Loin Salvation
After a day with Dodo's girlfriends spent gossiping in the hair salon and loitering in the mall as they tested skin cream and shouldered pricey bags, I felt like I'd grown ovaries.  What saw me and my shrinking gonads through it all was the anticipation of a deep-fried pork loin dinner at Tonkatsu by Ma Maison.  They served me the juiciest, most succulent, mind-bending tonkatsu - I cannot imagine a better one - not even on my upcoming Japan vacation!  If I find a superior version, as improbable as that is, it will be purely by chance.  I feel about their tonkatsu as I do about the Dodo - no need to search any further.

The Kurobuta loin, when placed before me, glistened and sparkled next to a ragged pyramid of shredded cabbage.  They'd crafted a work of art from an ugly black pig.  I counted out the seven slices and hoped it would be enough - all the gossiping and shopping had created a mighty appetite.

The food blogger me fought off the starving me.  The shots don't convey the juiciness.  I knew it was going to be good, I was already congratulating Pirate Pixels on the choice of restaurant.  Ever humble, she formed a stop sign with her small fingers "we'll see, we'll see."  When I took the first bite, I looked over at her.  She was chewing and neither of us spoke - a knowing silence.  MC, sitting to my right, fired a warning shot "don't talk to me, busy, busy."  There was little conversation during the whole dinner - remarkable for this chatty crew.

With each mouthful, the crispy first bite gave way to tender pork and a rush of viscous fats.  Kurobuta is a superior pig precisely for the way it stores fat throughout the muscle and it shows in the way the rich taste pours forth from all directions.  In my daze I didn't even notice that one of us had ordered deep-fried oysters.  I didn't think to try any - the ladies said later it was nice as well.
Dodo was on my left making her way through a lesser cut of pork.  I wonder about her sometimes.  She was happy, but as I raved and poked her, she defended her all time fave in Tokyo, Katsu I Chi.  I remember it well and we plan to visit next week.  With Ma Maison fresh in my memory, how will it stack up?  Stay tuned.

One thing's for sure - you cannot top the logo.  I might commission an artist to reproduce it in my apartment. 
Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road

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  1. Does the Puff like being compared to a pork loin?

  2. Puff is used to being compared to a piece of meat.. guess I have to count myself lucky at least it's a premium pork that FN loves :)

    The fried fatty pork was yummy. FN says it's nicer than the one we had in Tokyo today!

  3. Tokyo is oh for one in the Tonkatsu contest.

  4. Haha she is tonkatsu so funny!!!! Lol ;)

    I salute the 2 of u if the pig ends up in your house!!!

  5. @Pirate - the point I was making is that I am no longer looking for a woman or a Tonkatsu, I have found the best of each. How come nobody comments on how sweet that was????? Oh, nevermind!

  6. Woman=Tonkatsu ;p

    I commented to JC that was really sweet, but I guess she ain't going to tell you that...haha!

    We can't tell you the truth sometimes. JC will kill us. Afterall our commitment is to her...haha!

  7. @Anonymous Pirate - you scared of the black pig, issit? Lol, so funny.

  8. I am really NOT pirate!

  9. @Anonymous - ok, whoever you are, you fear the black pig.

  10. Ok, for some reason...i can no longer login as pirate.

    Did the black pig kill my access?

  11. @Pirate - it's possible, blackpig is vindictive!!