Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Qun Zhong Eating House - Singapore

Checking Out SG's Dumpling Nazi
I didn't know until we'd left this place that the owner is known for being the Dumpling Nazi - a reference to Seinfeld's Soup Nazi. Why Ping-Ping didn't tell me this until later I don't know, perhaps she was worried? There are all kinds of funny stories about him on the internet - check them out. We started out with some Chinese Pizza. Yep, that's what they call it. It's got pork and scallion inside a crunchy crust. I really liked it - it was very juicy.

In case you don't believe there is something called Chinese Pizza - check out the menu - 3rd from the top.

For dessert, I had a Chinese Pop Tart. Ok, so I made up the name - but to be honest, this red bean paste tart tasted just like a Pop Tart. Same consistency, same sweetness. But, ok, Pop Tarts don't have sesame seeds......


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  1. Haha.. I never knew he had such a nick! Anywayz, I didn't tell you about Dumpling Nazi cause I didn't think he is as fierce anymore.

    And babe... it's not red bean tart. It's red bean pancake.

    Btw, the place is famous for their steam dumplings, xiao long baos and other Shanghainese dishes. This Chinese Pizza is not a common dish ordered but juicy-ness often draws me to order this!

  2. Babe, you didn't tell me about Dumpling Nazi cuz you were afraid I would mess with him....

    Right? Huh?

  3. Hey, why no reply to my last comment??? Where's the NEW post??? (Stamp feet!)

  4. Ok, already, new post coming. I was too busy being PISSED OFF about living here. I have settled down a bit so the posts will start up again soon.