Friday, February 6, 2009

Le Bac a Glaces - Paris

Chocolate Ice Cream Freedom Celebration
I spent the afternoon at Le Bon Marche, looking for a Valentine Day gift for Ping Ping. I made up a "get out of work" excuse just to go there. I was in that shopping-hell-maze for hours. Ok, those 20 minutes just FELT like hours. When the salesguards weren't looking I made a dash for the wall, hopped it, and ran down the street, giggling at the brashness of my escape. I ran smack into Le Bac a Glaces, on rue du Bac, just a few blocks away.

I sat down, chest heaving, ragged still. It all started to come back to me - this was one of the spots that Lebovitz recommended. I took a glance at the list of flavors and was unusually indecisive. After much back and forth, I ordered the chocolate. Not just chocolate - but the "noir", which is the good stuff, the darkest of the dark stuff.

As you can see, this is no poor man's dark - it looked like a scoop of midnight! The richness of it was astounding, each bite like an icy chocolate bar. I dialed back the spoondips to mini-size to savor it. Slowly, the guilt of my aborted Valentine Day shopping spree began to wane. My girl would want me to enjoy this, I told myself....

109, rue de Bac
6th Arondissement

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  1. The chocolate sure looks noir.. Dark chocolate ice cream never goes wrong in Paris.. I think the cocoa beans in France are generally one notch higher than those u get anywhere else in the world... why babe?

    Babe, I think this is the ice cream shop we were searching for but never found when I was in Paris... how come you can find it when I am not in Paris? Why babe? Why? Are you trying to keep the goodness all to yourself?

    Why no Valentines' Day shopping? Why babe? Hahahahahaha....

  2. Yep, this is the one we were looking for. Good thing I got frustrated shopping and ran out the first door I could find.... It put me right out onto the correct direction....

  3. Now that I am in Paris, I too get to try the ice cream instead of having to read it off the blog.

    Verdict? Better than it looks babe! Waaayyyy better! The other flavors FN and I tried in the degustation set (ie choice of 6 small scoops of ice cream.

    Think I will have to head back for more before I leave.

  4. Man, that 6-flavor sampler was incredible!! The grape, mango and lemon sorbets stand out in my mind, I am ready to go back!