Tuesday, February 17, 2009

La Perla - Paris

Mexican in the City of Light
I know, I hear you - who goes to Paris to eat Mexican food? Thing is, I've been here for months eating French food 2-3 meals a day. Why not try something a little different? Besides, maybe I can speak a bit of Spanish, a language I'm considerably better at than French, scary as that is since my Spanish is far from good.

I was worried as soon as I got inside the place. First of all, samba music was playing. Not mariachi, not tejano, but samba! Ok, settle down - you're overreacting. Lemme go shout at my homies in the kitchen "Oye macho, que onda?" Nothing came back at me but puzzled looks. I know my Mexican slang is outdated, but not that much. Are these guys Mexican or Sri Lankan? I couldn't tell. You know when your gut tells you something but your brain overrides it? Yep, this is one of those deals.
Doubling-down on my poor judgment I ordered mole enchiladas. Sure, why not order something notoriously difficult to make well? When it arrived I perked up - it looked pretty good. First, a bite of beans - bad, really bad. Undercooked and watery. I was resigned to my fate. Next, a bite of the enchiladas. Interesting - not bad tasting - just not how they should taste. They were strangely sweet - as if milk chocolate had been used in the mole sauce. Not surprisingly, the tortillas were not right either. Had I been blindfolded I would've guessed I was eating some type of chocolate crepe with an unknown meat. To be missed, unless you're there to drink margaritas. They couldn't screw that up, right?
4th Arondissement

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  1. Poor babe... your meal sounds disastrous! So are you gonna stick to French food? I doubt it!

  2. I will now go back to French food for a lil while! Next three posts are going to be quitesentially French, I promise!

  3. I found your blog while browsing for food blogs about Paris. I really like it! I feel the same about the food in La Perla, but rest assured I've tasted the margaritas and they are better than the food! If you're looking for mexican there's a really nice one on the Rue Saint Andre des Artes, the name of which escapes me right now but it's good!
    PS I am paying a visit to Bagel Toms this week based on your review!

  4. @LaLaLa - I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Good to hear the drinks at La Perla are good. I will put it on my "try the drinks" list since I've already removed it from my "eat" list.

  5. I went to La Perla for dinner tonight...the margaritas are not that great either, and are 9 euro. I had the burrito, which was okay, but definitely not worth the 10 euro either. Though, I do live in California/Mexico, so perhaps I should just stick with the $1 tacos and margaritas there...