Saturday, February 28, 2009

Angelina - Paris

The Macaron Test
Puffin landed in Paris yesterday and was so macaron-deprived that she ordered them while we were at Angelina, against better judgment. Angelina is an old-school cafe across from the Tuileries that's famous for its hot chocolate and pastries. She ordered four mini-macarons: white chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate-caramel and pistachio.

She attacked the white chocolate first...... Then moved onto the other chocolates.....

The poor pistachio was orphaned at the end. This picture says a thousand words. If it had been really good, not a single crumb would've been left. According to Puffin, the macaron world is ordered as follows: Jean-Paul Hévin, Pierre Hermé and Ladurée. I think she'll be headed to some or all of those places while I am at work.

Here is a shot from above the cafe (hat-tip to Paris Breakfasts for that idea.)
226, rue Rivoli
1st Arondissement

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  1. Ok.. honest opinion.. I am not impressed. Maybe I wasn't fair since I didn't give their supposedly to die for hot choc a chance.. but the place didn't impress (especially after walking and walking and walking in the cold in search for this) =P

  2. I don't disagree - but I will go check out the hot choc.