Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pralus - Paris

Return of the New Discovery
Rue Rambuteau is the dividing line between the 3rd and 4th Arondissements in Paris. It is absolutely loaded with food shops, cafes and restaurants. I find myself going back there quite often and recently visited Pralus, which is known for its chocolate.

The chocolates in the window looked delicious, but what caught my eye were these pink-dotted, spacey looking mounds. I had no idea what they were but I was intrigued. They were in the Pralus window, so they had to be sweet, right? They're called Pralulines and I soon found out they're stupendously delicious.

What exactly are they? Turns out, the Praluline is a praline-studded brioche. For people like me, who get lost by sentences like that, let me back up: a brioche is a sweet bread, loaded with a lot of eggs and butter and pralines are sugar-coated nuts, in this case hazlenuts and almonds. As explained by one of my fave blogs, here, it ain't just coated with pralines, but LOADED with pralines. It's kinda like a nutty, dense coffee cake, only better. It would probably be a perfect breakfast for me along with a cafe creme. Of course, I wouldn't know - I bought it in the afternoon and ate it all in one sitting. (By the way, it ain't small, I am just a pig.)
3rd Arondissement

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  1. The Praluline sure ain't small... when I first came across it at the shop, I didn't buy it cause I didn't think TWO of us could finish it... and you finished it all by yourself?

    Are you being a piggy??

  2. Where is the ambition, Puffin? Where? I bought one and kept it all to myself and ate it in secret (evil laugh).

    Piggie in the house!!!

  3. You guys are not pigs - you are completely normal, simply indulging your very very logical, human gastronomic senses. And I don't say that just to make myself feel better about consuming them just the same!! :)

    Ohhh, there are few things better than one of those Pralulines just warm out of the oven... yum! Great post !

  4. No, really, my girlfriend is a pig - I call her piggy sometimes.

  5. oh, ok then ! :) so what does that leave me as... un vrai petit cochon who eats those Praluline on her own ?! ha ha....!