Monday, December 8, 2008

Chickalicious Dessert Club - Manhattan

Diabetes, Here I Come....
Puffin and I took a test drive to see if this spot could be added to my diabetes express train plan. This is the little cousin of Chickalicious, across the street. Definitely much more low key - you order your desserts at the counter and take them back to your seat. No wine pairings, just plenty of treats to pick from.

I ordered the ginger carrot cake, which looked so perfect that I didn't want to disturb it (yeah, right.)

It was moist, tender and tasty. Nothing spectacular, mind you. But pretty good.

Puffin ordered the cheesecake, which was done Japanese-style. By that I mean "tasteless." Sorry, but I have a strong opinion about cheesecakes. Japanese-style cheesecakes should be banned - there is absolutely no flavor in them. Not the ones in Japan and not this one either. Puffin will argue otherwise. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

Overall, I would like to make a few more visits and try a few more menu items before forming an opinion of Chickalicious Dessert Club. I will be back.....

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  1. Hmm.. Chickalicious' cheesecake is really not as bad as what FN says.. The cheesecake is different from the usual you get in NY. In addition to the cheese that FN is giving thumbs down on, the cookie crust is on the top instead of he bottom as usual.

    The cheese is not as rich as the usual NY cheesecake but it's smooth and the cookie crust is additionally crispy, which I like.

    FN forgot to comment on his peanut butter shake that he was raving about... Hey FN, memory loss?

  2. Puffin - commenting anonymously now?? Oh boy. I remember the shake, it was very good but I didn't have a good picture of it, so I didn't write it up. I know, I know - but I am a rookie blogger, not Mike Wallace.