Thursday, January 14, 2010

L.A. Burdick - Manhattan

Chocolate Infestation
I'm always happy to welcome a new chocolate spot, you can never have enough of those. I learned about L.A. Burdick from Dessertbuzz a while back and ventured over there today to give it a spin. They're definitely shooting for a high-end clientele. Question is - am I high-end?

They specialize in chocolate and according to the counterman, excel in hot chocolate. I was game - I got a mix of dark and milk chocolates and was happy to see it wasn't like the sludge you get in Paris. Other than that, it didn't knock my stockings off. The raspberry tart was damned good though - living up to its name with a sour kick that left an impression.

Lastly, the chocolate vermin. He was cute - no bigger than a mafia don's pinky ring. But at $2.75 he would need to be subway rat-sized to make it worth the price.

So, in the end, this is a classy, high-end place with prices to match. Tasty stuff, but too rich for my blood. My three purchases ended up costing almost $13. Those are Paris prices, kids - and that ain't a compliment.

5 E. 20th St

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  1. Haha... you sound like Mr Scrooge =P

    Indulgence once a blue moon can be fun... wait for me though.. I wonder if the dark chocolate is any good?? Did you try?

  2. I got your Scrooge in my front pocket, woman!

    Nope, didn't try dark, I'll wait for you for that.

    PS - this used to be that French spot we once had a date in. Do you remember it?

  3. You of all people should know you can't put a price on good sweets it's hard to make the rent when you don't serve alcohol! "$13 for three purchases" + you get to sit down in the middle of flat iron and drink/eat your chocolate! You can't even go see a Movie for $13 any more (Avatar cost $15) and they don't give you 3 high end sweets...

  4. @Niko - that's what I'm talking about! This blog needs more passion like yours. Now, don't forget about the free glasses they give you for Avatar, lol.

  5. They make you give them back! They use "green: guilt and you return them as quickly as you pay $5 extra for buying them... in other news this city (New York that is) rules, I had some good Souffle tonight... while I watched as somebody had a baked Alaska blow-torched right at the table next to me... cool..

  6. @Niko - I saw that souffle you posted, it looked enticing. Gonna have to go check it out some time. Of course, anything that is vaguely French doesn't draw me the way it used to. You understand, right?