Monday, January 5, 2009

Lei Gardens - Singapore

Cantonese in Singapore
I am on vacation in Singapore with my beautiful Puffin. She is calling the shots food-wise and I'm just following her around like a duckling. I could file a glowing story for each meal, the food here is so varied and delicious. However, since I am on vacation,this one post will have to do. Did I mention that I am the only one on vacation? Someone else has to work during meals. Either that or I am boring - I am not sure which.

Lei Gardens is a Cantonese restaurant in Singapore renowned for its duck. It's very fancy compared to the hawker centers and coffee shops I've been eating in for the past week. It's beautifully appointed and light with a wall of fishtanks at the far end.

First up, crispy silver fish. If you click on the photo you can see the little eyes peering at you. I expected to bite into something bony but was surprised by the crispy texture and light fish essence. These were very good. We debated whether these were actual fish or made to look like actual fish.

The crispy pork was nice - not spectacular.

Now for the main attraction. They brought out the roasted half duck, cut off the skin at our table and presented it with small pancakes and spring onion. We added a dash of barbecue pork sauce and popped em into our mouths. This is as close to pure fatty, salty deliciousness you can come. Each bite probably takes a month off of the end of your life, but hey - you can't live forever!

The remainder of the duck was taken back into the kitchen, diced and fried with bamboo shoots, carrots and other lovely things. We scooped it into cool lettuce leaves and chomped it down. Delicious again. Why do vacations have to end?

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  1. The duck dish is called Peking Duck... and yes, every bite probably takes a month off your life but worth every bit of it.

    "My favorite" as I always say... but FN will say...

  2. Puffin, how come it ain't Beijing Duck? Huh, how come?

  3. next time me want to go too!