Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Patrick Roger - Paris

Un Temple de Chocolat
A wise man once told me "don't trust anyone with two first names." This crossed my mind as I approached the Patrick Roger storefront. However, a few minutes of peeking in the front windows changed all that.

There were boxes of chocolates in criss-cross patterns in one window.

In an adjacent window, a chocolate christmas tree made out of individual chocolate leaves, dusted with sugar-snow.

And if that weren't enough - a chocolate bear in repose in another window. Truth be told, I was not quite sure how the bear fit into the christmas theme, but I was impressed nevertheless.

I stepped in, slightly intimidated. So many different chocolates, so much variety, such choice. I studied this wall for a long time, not quite sure what to get. One of the salespeople came over with a tray of chocolates. I tried a few different ones. Man, they were good!!! The decision was made much easier this way. I would let you know what I got, but it is a gift for a certain cutie I know......

Regardless, you cannot go wrong here. They have an online shop too!
108, Blvd St Germain (and a few other locations)
5th Arondissement

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  1. Ooooo... chocolate.. my first love!

    I remember going into this very shop and bought ONE mini bar of choc. Why one? Cause Gorilla didn't want any then... but of course I ended up only eating half. As Gorilla says... sharing is caring (am not exactly a caring person.. so one can imagine me not being too pleased... haha). The miserable half that I ate was exactly how first love feels... lasting sweetness that lasts till now.

  2. Oh boy.... Someone is quite good at fiction, huh?