Thursday, December 11, 2008

Maison du Chocolat - Paris

Pilot's Strike = More Chocolate
My previous visit to Paris ended up being longer than planned due to a pilot's strike. Annoyance quickly turned to glee as Puffin and I thought about all the extra treats we could eat. We took a walk down Rue de Rivoli and popped into the Maison du Chocolat next to the Louvre. Peering through the front window got me all revved up.

I want that and that and that and that.... Ok, come on, focus....

Puffin got a hot chocolate, small chocolate cake and assorted other goodies.

I helped her eat the chocolate cake, which was more like a mini-brownie loaf.

You peel back the sides.....

Break off a piece and get to business. Much better than a brownie, it was moist and flavorful without being overly rich.
99, Rue de Rivoli (and many other locations in Paris)
1st Arondissement

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  1. As the Gorilla puts it, he is suffering from memory loss.. I definitely DIDN'T have hot chocolate from here although I did think about it. Hmmm.. maybe Gorilla can read my mind? (which shouldn't be too hard.. ruled by greediness)

    Chocolate cake was really really really really yummy... the texture was light, the flavor was chocolate-ful... Oh man, I want some again!! (Gorilla, get the hint???)

  2. As you say, my memory is bad, so I will probably forget to buy you gifts, wahahahaha.