Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jacques Genin - Paris

I've Been to Heaven - It's Caramel-Made
My ideal Saturday breakfast is sugared and caffeined in double dosage. So, when I read about the newly-opened Jacques Genin boutique on David Lebovitz' blog, Saturday could not come quickly enough. Vehicle of choice - a caramel eclair. But, I am getting ahead of myself....

Nothing about the store's exterior hints at the dumbfoundingly expansive, elegant space within. I felt as if I were stepping into an art gallery. I paused at the top of the short staircase and glanced down to the main counter a few steps to the left. Seating, to the right, is arranged amongst chocolate-colored columns and stretches to the back of the store.

Here's a shot of the main counter from the top of the stairs.

I stepped down the short staircase and took a look back at the front door. I hadn't even noticed the smaller counter.

Just a few of the choices available - my mind was already made at this point.

I took a seat facing the main counter, put in my order and waited. I noticed a spiral staircase leading up to another level, presumably the "lab" itself, but my French is not good enough to inquire.

Cafe creme, my caramel eclair and a bonus on top of the sugar bowl. The eclair was delectable - inside was some of the best caramel I've ever tasted. It was surpisingly velvety - not the teeth-breaking kind you used to get at grandma's house. The coffee was passable - no biggie - you don't come here for the coffee.

Ahhh, the bonus: two caramels and two chocolates. The chocolate on the right was flavored with fresh mint and was extraordinary.

133, Rue de Turenne
3rd Arondissement

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  1. Ok.. I am late in reading this blog... and Gorilla is threatening to go on strike. Man.. this will be disasterous cause I won't get to read abt Gorilla's food adventures in Paris...

    I also wanna eat eclair but I would prefer a all choc one... can you hand deliver me one?

    How come you didn't bring me here when I was there huh?

  2. Puffin, they just opened a week or two ago, otherwise I would have. It's on your list for your next Paris visit.

  3. That is certainly on top of my list for my next Paris visit!! Even though, with your beautiful photos and really fabulously written report, I kinda feel like I've been. That doesn't mean I am not still going to go though!! :)

  4. Kerrin - glad you liked the photos and the write-up. They don't even do the place justice, you'll see when you visit.

  5. aren't those caramels great? glad you like the mint chocolate, too. they're my favorite!

  6. davidL - they were both amazing. I am going to be going back there over and over I think.

  7. Oh you felt as if I were stepping into an art gallery! WOW

  8. Dear Puff,

    Fantastic site! Great articles and excellent photos to match.

    I have been looking for a few new gems to feed the senses... Thank you so much.

    New Orleans

  9. @Joel - glad you enjoyed the opinionated ramblings......