Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chip Shop - Brooklyn

Shaving Years off the End of Life
What better way to combat my incessant sweet tooth than with a plate full of deep-fried chicken and taters? Just another path towards reducing my life expectancy, as I see it, and what a path it is! This spot is an English pub experience boiled down to its essence. I guess I should have ordered the fish and chips, but the chicken and chips were calling out to me.

First blush, you get a tremendous amount of food for your dollar - the plate was piled high and deep. First bite - revelation - I knew I would be coming back here often. The batter-coating was deliciously crisp and oily and the chicken was juicy and tender. The fries were just how I like them - crunchy and salty. The plate comes with a dipping sauce and malt vinegar is available if you really want to get Anglo.

They also have a full slate of English drafts and to top it off - Manchester United was whipping some lesser opponent (like Liverpool) on the telly while I was there. A wonderful lunch.

129 Atlantic Avenue

And two other locations in Brooklyn:
Bay Ridge
Park Slope

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  1. Why chicken and chips? Why Chip Shop? Why don't I get it in Singapore?

    Just looking at the photo... makes me hungry. And as I was saying, looks like I have to substitute my desire with a very bad alternative... LJS! Haha.. okok, I know that's lame but I don't have a choice here!!!

  2. LJS = Long John Silver, don't try to hide behind the acronym, Ping-Ping.

    Why don't we approach them and ask if they want to open one in Singapore? Do you think it would do well?

  3. Well there is this stall which goes by the same name ChipShop at the basement of Bugis Junction. Sells fish and chips, chicken and chips etc... not sure if it is similar ... a franchise or something...

  4. @Anon - thanks for letting me know, I'll check it out next time I'm in town. Or perhaps my roving reporter girlfriend could do some investigation? Dodo? Hello?