Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Victory - Brooklyn

The Definition of a Beloved Local Spot
If I had any kind of readership at all, I wouldn't publicize this cafe. I would selfishly keep it a secret. It's a tiny silver dot on the corner of Hoyt and State in Brooklyn that serves coffee/bagels/sandwiches and empanadas. The owner is perhaps the warmest person I've met in Brooklyn, after a few visits he will greet you by name and make you feel at home.

I like to sit in the front window and look out onto State St. The day's newspapers are always available to browse through as well. There is a strict no cellphone policy which I am thankful for.
The real draw for me (and especially for Puff) are the bialys. They split and toast them on a George Foreman grill, which makes them especially crisp and hot. When Puff is here, she gets them with a side of butter and cream cheese - a habit I've come to adopt. The coffee is also rich and dark, the way I like it.

Since it can seat perhaps 8 people at max, most folks order to go. During the summer, there are additional tables on the sidewalk.
Lastly, they stock a variety of English foodstuffs for those of you who like that kind of thing.
Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

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  1. Hey.. it's snowing out in NY.

    The bialy looks so yummcious... life is not fair, why don't I get any?? Love the muffin texture-bagel looking invention. With cream cheese... perfect-o!!

    A die-die must try breakfast. Definitely my number 1 BK breakfast (after FN's homemade french toast and pancakes of course).

    I wanna be in BK too!!!

  2. Puffin, your list is supposed to make you want to come back to the BK. I see that it's working, wahahahahahahaaaa (evil scientist laugh.)

  3. Babe... u are suppose to be search for new food for me to try. How can you know my fav breakkie place and write a blog on it to tempt me... that's cheating!!!! Blah!!!

  4. you should try the bialys with butter and a touch of marmite- I was skeptical at first but it totally won me.I even add tomatoes when I'm feeling especially peckish. OR bialy with cream cheese and tomoato with salt n peppa YUM.
    a victory neighbor

  5. Marmite... wow, that's a tough one. I've tried marmite in the past and I cannot say I'm a fan. I do like the idea of salt and pepper on the bialy and cream cheese, though.