Saturday, January 31, 2009

Boulangerie Malineau - Paris

Checking Out the Checkerboard Cookies
My feet keep taking me by this boulangerie time and again. They could be telling me something.

Today, I put an end to the window shopping - plunged through the front door, sputtered some broken French to get what I wanted.

Momentarily dazed by the cheesecakes and fruit tarts, I lost sight of my mission.

But I stayed strong, shook off the confusion and got it finally: my chocolate-pistachio cookie.

18, rue Vieille du Temple
4th Arondissement

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  1. Babe.... I want the ECLAIR!!! You heard me telling you how much I missed the eclair in Paris and you HAD to put a photo with eclair in your blog... why babe? why?

    You didn't mention if the cookie was to die for babe? It sure looks like it does... so what is it? Tell me!!

  2. You will be getting eclairs from Jacques Genin the day you arrive. Man, you are lucky!!

    Cookie was great. I should've had it with coffee, perfect for that. Next time.

  3. years ago, i used to always go to this patisserie for one specific pastry - the pain au chocolat et framboise. i had never seen pain au chocolat with other flavors before, and loved it -- there was one with banana puree and another with raspberry jam. but when i went back recently, it was so not as good - real artificial tasting. not even sure if they still have them... might be worth a try though.

  4. If you like your pain au chocolat with banana puree and other things like that, check out Des Pain et des Idess. I had a pain au chocolate with banana there that was absolutely incredible.

    Some day I will get organized, go back there, get some photos and post about it. Really good spot.

  5. definitely !! that bakery, Du Pains et des Idees is a real gem. i have tons of pictures from there that i never posted either... especially of their signature item - the chausson aux pommes. so many things to taste there, unfortunately they didn't have the pain au chocolat with banana when i was there. but they did have their small savory sandwiches just out of the oven. HIGHLY recommended, and they go fast!

  6. I guess your post subconsciously influenced our checkered cookies this week!