Friday, December 12, 2008

Pain de Sucre - Paris

Marshmallows in Paris?
This lovely shop in the Marais makes some absolutely beautiful treats.

What catches your eye as you walk by their shop window are the glass vases full of marshmallows of various colors and flavors. Pinguino (aka Puff, aka Puffin) and I entered and were floored by the variety of beautiful sweets for sale.

Keeping with the eye-catching theme, Pinguino bought a chocolate-covered chocolate marshmallow that she shared with me.

It was like, well, a chocolate-covered chocolate marshmallow. Ok, not mind-blowing. I guess I was expecting more. I think I will go back and get more adventurous - try some different flavors and some of their other desserts. I read somewhere the suggestion of getting a hot chocolate from Maison du Chocolat and dropping some of these Pain de Sucre marshmallows into it. That sounds pretty good to me. (UPDATE: I finally did it - go here.)

14 rue Rambuteau

3rd Arondissement, Paris

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  1. Hmmm.. interesting.. when I was in Paris, no one suggested hot chocolate with marshmellow... why? Huh???

    I like the 2nd photo of the sweets display.. either Gorilla's photography skills are good or my memory is getting rusty.. I don't remember it being this pretty. The photo is calling out to me... Help!

  2. Puffin, your memory is starting to go..... The window display was so pretty it made me stop dead in my tracks!!!