Monday, February 22, 2010

Sugared, Buttered Toast Lady - Bangkok

Proving, Once Again, Simplicity is Best
Puffin spotted her from across the street, how I'm not sure. She was wedged into a tight row of street stalls that were much larger than hers. She was making what any of us could - buttered toast with some sugar sprinkled on top. Of course, hers tasted way better. Maybe it's the charcoal grilling. Or, perhaps it's the butter she uses. I don't know what made it so good, I just know I could eat it every day.

The technique was interesting. First, the bread is grilled on both sides, then buttered and sugared, then returned to the grill for a spell. In the above photo, the piece on the left is in its final stage. Once done, it's chopped into tiny cubes and put into a bag and accompanied by a long tooth pick.

We walked down the street, spearing them into our mouths. The butter taste was very strong - it's what stood out for me. I went back the next day after sleeping in a bit, but she wasn't there. Too late! Man, I was depressed about it too!

Convent & Thanon Silom

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  1. This is indeed yum-cious! I saw the lady turning the thick toast from across the road and my radar says it's a must try :) Glad we did... LOVE IT!

  2. @Dodo - why didn't you let everyone know the lady uses Planta margarine, not butter? (Never heard of it, BTW.)

  3. ah i love the toast ladies! have you tried the kaya butter one?

  4. @Sandy- next time I go to Bangkok I'm gonna be on the lookout for more toast ladies. Didn't try to Kaya version in Bangkok, I've only had that in Singapore.