Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jatujak Market - Bangkok

First Meal in Bangkok
I don't understand those who fly thousands of miles to far away lands and then don't eat local street food. It's as if they summoned up a certain amount of courage only to have it run out at the most inopportune moment. This thought ran through my mind as I crunched some delicious crispy fried pork at Jatujak market. Dozens of tourists walked by me, then paused in surprise that someone like them was sitting in a local street stall, happily munching. I was equally surprised that they didn't sit down and order. Their loss.
Just as delicious was this plate of spicy pork with basil, rice and a fried egg. It burned nicely, giving me a leg up on the heat (which a certain someone was having trouble with - go here.)

I wasn't as excited about Pingle's egg noodles with fish balls and pork. Just wasn't spicy enough for me. She seemed happy with it though.

Neither of us know Thai, we used the point method and did ok for our first meal.

Next up, some coconut ice cream with peanuts. It had a fresh, direct taste. They served it in a coconut shell and even threw in a few slices of coconut meat.

The vendor handed it over with a broad smile, something that seems to come easily to Thais. Everyone here smiles a lot. I would probably too if I ate like this every day.

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  1. thai people are so nice! that crispy pork looks amazing

  2. I love Thai food! David Thompson has a great book out at the moment that showcases Thai street food. Looking at the pictures of the food made me hungry!

    Do you think Thai food and Indonesian food are similar?

  3. @Esley - I agree, so far everyone here has been nice. The crispy pork was, as we say in the BK, SLAMMING!

  4. @Cewek - you're gonna laugh, but guess what I saw here? A Crystal Jade! I didn't realize they're all over SE Asia.

  5. FN - yeah they are! I had yumcha at the Crystal Jade Palace in Jakarta last December. They're sooo good! I wish Australia would get a Crystal Jade...

  6. Coconut ice cream is the best. Probably many Americns would fear their arteries clogging up with the fried food. When you eat it, AFTER the guilty pleasure, you think you feel the clogging starting. Too bad food has become the enemy (sounds suspicious, eh?).

  7. Hi! I'm a long time reader - but first time commenting - took me long enough, didn't it! : )

    I love thai food - but i think us "Westerners" are put off by the stories of food poisoning and street food not agreeing with us (meaning we spend our vacation in the hotel bathroom instead of out enjoying the city)

    Guide books and travel agents back home warn us all of the 'dangers' of local street food - something about the local bacteria in the food wreaks havok on our digestive systems or something like that... don't know how true this is, but i think that may account for why you saw all the tourists walking past, looking at you enviously.

    They were probably thinking how good it looked but how scared they were to try it in case the dreaded bacteria got to them and ruined their trip!

    Take care! : )

  8. @Kangaroo - glad you commented, this site needs more feedback! I too was pumped full of fear by the US media, but guess what - it's more often than not a bunch of BS. Not to say you cannot get sick, you can. You can also crash in the plane on the way over. As my grandfather, Winston Churchill, said "we've nothing to fear but fear itself." (ok, so I made up the part about being related to him.)