Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Kid Survives - Bangkok

Steel Stomach Prevails
Now that I'm safely back in Singapore, I'm bragging.  Puffing out my chest, lording it over the Dodo, aka "weak link."  I survived all the street food: the street meat sausages, deep-fried bananas, runny egged rice bowls, wok-fried spicy pork, buttered charcoal bread and iced coffee.  My only regret?  Not going for some deep-fried crickets when I had the chance.  Next time....

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  1. Hey.. I didn't do that badly. I had one emergency toilet experience only and persisted with my street food!!

    Miss it.... so when we heading back for YOUR cricket?

  2. @Toilet Ranger - yes, yes, you did pretty well... Wahahahahahahaha.

  3. was just randomly surfing and i came across your site. i love how gorgeously juicy that sausage look! will definitely be visiting more often after this. :")

    1. That sausage was pretty good, I can still remember how it tastes..... Mmmmmmm. I miss Bangkok.