Monday, October 26, 2009

Street Meat - Prague

Now, That's a Dog!
Pingles had to hold it with two hands. We shared one, loaded it up with onions and mustard and some ketchup for her half. This Klobasy, like a Czech version of kielbasa, was charred nicely and had a good, spicy kick to it. The first bite was perfect - a crunchy casing that finally gave way to a juicy burst of meat.

These sausage stands dot Wenceslas Square and my first reaction was to avoid them - they seemed a bit touristy. I finally broke down after a few days and regretted it - I should have had one of these dogs every day. This was the best thing I had in Prague - which either means I didn't get to the really good food or I simply like sausages. Perhaps a mix of both.

If you're ever in Prague, try one out for yourself. The stand I tried was on the NW corner of the square but I think they're all owned and run by one company. These would definitely do well in NY.

Wenceslas Square

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  1. Yummilicious... am still thinking abt it. Other than what we had at Hides, can't think of anywhere that serves it this good.

  2. I agree - it was a damned good dog for sure.