Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Lane Street Vendors - Penang, Malaysia

Two for Two Heaven
Rarely does it go so perfectly. Pick out two things you love, get two perfectly lovely things delivered. So it was at the New Lane market, where we feasted on this plate of char siew pork and roasted duck. Every single bite was a fatty, smoky step towards the grave. But hey, you can't live forever.

The satay was slamming too. We argued whether it was better than the premium pork belly satay at Kwong. I said no and some said perhaps. Either way, you're splitting hairs with this type of argument, delicious is delicious. I just stared out into space after we finished. I was so contented.

We need food streets like this in NY - the food trucks are nice but they're overpriced and far away from each other.
Imagine being able to go to one street and select from twenty different vendors. You could sit there at the tables or....

...pack it to go.

New Lane Market
Penang, Malaysia

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  1. Yeah.. the char siew was good and I liked the satay here. We should go try the Kwong Satay again to see if it's as yummy as you remember it to be...

  2. @Puffin - I'm not worried, Kwong Satay is up to the challenge, especially the super-fatty pork belly special dollar-a-piece ones... Let's go!