Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Street Food - Bangkok

Bangkok, I've Missed You
It's been two eventful years.  Though it's not obvious to this visitor, there were riots and floods and a change of government since my last visit.  Mostly, it looks like it did.  There is still a gentle thrum to this large metropolis with its tree-shaded lanes and famed street stalls.  It's a city that is easy to fall in love with.  Let's call it an affair, since I'm here for just a few days.  It's not a coincidence that the first foray involved both pork and egg, two of my favorite food groups.
A volcanic mix of grilled pork, chillies, and string beans topped by a golden yolk lava flow.  We agreed it was good but only second to the deep-fried chicken.  I didn't even snap a photo of the latter, we pulverized it and agreed to return tomorrow.  I promise to post that, it was tremendous.  You will have to make do with this dessert - sesame-laden dough balls with yellow bean inside.  These were good warm.
I've already made two bags of peanuts disappear.  It's dangerous to sell me honey-glazed peanuts for a buck.  I'm contemplating setting a record for peanut eating while in town.  Memo to self - time to double-down on the treadmill minutes.  Stay tuned, more street food to come....

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