Monday, February 22, 2010

More Street Food - Bangkok

Revelatory Breakfast - Literally
What would you do? If you saw a monk sauntering around a hawker center in Bangkok, listening intently to each sales pitch, contemplating each plate carefully, then finally deciding, would you shadow his decision? It was obvious to me. He is far closer to Buddha than I.
Why resort to my usual breakfast guessing routine when a divine path shows itself?

What did he choose? A simple fried rice dish adorned with a fried egg, chicken drumstick and two grilled snausages. Befitting an earnest man of god, the meal was, let's say: simple. It was good, it was filling, but I think this monk shies away from the spicy stuff. Memo to self: make your own way in this world, young man.

Sathon Nuea (across the street from the French Embassy)

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  1. I'm confused...

    I thought Thai Buddhist monks were supposed to eat whatever was given in their alms bowls. And aren't they supposed to be vegetarians? And was he carrying bags of processed snacks?

  2. @Anon - lol. I don't know if that's a bag of processed snacks he's holding. I can say this, all the vendors were falling all over themselves to give him food. He really milked it, shaking his head no to a bunch of them. We ordered from the same vendor and she only had this one plate for sale, so I assumed we got the same thing. I didn't look directly at his plate (I kept a respectful distance), he might have just had the rice.

  3. Hey...long time no 'see' :)

    This Easter we're going to Bangkok and Koh Samui! I can't wait to taste all the street stalls market food goodness! We'll be packing imodium anyways *just in case*.

    We've also made a booking for Nahm (David Thompson's restaurant). CAN. NOT. WAIT!

  4. @Cewek - wow, sounds nice. I don't know who David Thompson is, but ummm, he doesn't sound like a Thai person...... (Just kidding, I know who he is)

  5. Babe... Nahm is the new restaurant at Metropolitan hotel. I ate there twice in one of my recent trips... had set meals both times (LOTS of food).

    Cewek, it can be rather spicy so if you are not a fan of spicy food, got to let them know. Worth going for the experience but I would say you got to hit the street food. Nothing beats that... pork basil rice with sunny side up!!

  6. @Puff Yells - sticks and stones, super-model, sticks and stones.

  7. @ The Puff Speaks - awesome! bring it on!! I can take spicy food, but my DH, Gorilla, can't. He's Malaysian Chinese and he can't take spicy food. Go figure...