Friday, December 11, 2009

Café des Anges - Paris

I Was Just About to Crown Them...
Sure, it's silly to gush about a Croque Madame in Paris, I realize that. It's like going to NY and taking photos of fries and getting excited. After all, it's just an open-faced ham and melted cheese sandwich with an over easy egg on top. However, a few days back I stumbled into a superb one. So absolutely terrific that I crowed about it to Pingles and told her I planned to go back as soon as possible. Today was the day. It didn't quite work out as expected though....

I went with a few co-workers and we settled into the cozy back room of this charming brasserie. I didn't even look at the menu and convinced a French colleague to get one as well. When it arrived it looked a bit different from the one I had a few days back. The first bite revealed it to be overcooked, the bread overly toasted. What the heck happened? I was about to give Cafe des Anges the "best CM in Paris" award. A few days back, this was a juicy, tender, delicious mess, dripping with butter and cheese and sending shivers down my spine.

I guess I'll have to go a third time for the tie-breaker before I give them the award. Nevertheless, if you want to experience a true Parisian, tightly-packed, reasonably-priced brasserie lunch, you can do a lot worse. Oh, and yes Lady, I am taking a photo of you chewing, I'm a rude Americain! UPDATE March 2008: they no longer have Croque Madame on their menu! When pressed why, I was given no explanation. They said they're not coming back on the menu either. Arggggggggg!!
11th Arondissement

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  1. Babe.. that's truly rude. Well, as you say, am sure you can never go wrong with Croque Madame in Paris!

    I miss Paris bread already!!

  2. She was chewing hard and shot me a fierce look! I held my ground, though. You gotta be tough to be a food blogger, Pingles!