Monday, September 29, 2008


Just Plain Tired of Coffee?
Fancy a cup of tea, love? Why not change it up every once in a while? This Madison Ave tea house may just be what you are looking for, Puff.

It looks like an ideal place to work. The space is clean and bright, spa music plays almost imperceptibly in the background. There is a long work table with electrical outlets and free wi-fi. Plant yourself here and get a lot of work done. When not working, peer out the window and do some people-watching.

There are myriad teas and coffees offered as well as other goodies baked by International Delights. I chose a blueberry scone, which was shaped like a boomerang. It was alright, nothing special. You should check out the teas - you know more about that than I do.
121 Madison Ave

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  1. Hey.. this sure looks like an ideal place to work!

    I do love tea for a change once in a while especially those sleepy blend which has camomile.. eh.. then again if I am working then I can't drink sleeping tea. What a dilemma!

    Does scones come with fresh cream and fresh jam? Is it served warm? Opps... I must sound demanding...

  2. Definitely a good work spot for sure. No clotted cream or jam for the scone - not that type of place.

    I do think you will like it though.