Monday, December 15, 2008

Crêperie Suzette - Paris

Savory Crepes on rue des Francs Bourgeois
I spent most of Sunday afternoon walking around the Marais. I was absolutely starving and remembered I was a few short blocks from this wonderful creperie. They serve both crepes and galettes, I was in the mood for the latter.

The difference between a crepe and a galette? Generally speaking, the former is made out of wheat and is usually sweet while the latter is made out of buckwheat flour and is savory. Out of deference to spending so much time on rue de Sevigne, I ordered the "Sevigne Galette", which contained chicken, cheese and mushrooms with a smattering of cream and basil sauce on top. It was delicious, check it out for yourself. However, for the best crepes in town, go to Breizh Cafe.
4th Arondissement

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  1. I remember this place.. it has a old 1970s style sewing machine displayed at the back of the shop and a friendly waitress.

    Got to say the galette (aka crepe) I had the last time was good too. It was thin and fluffy all at the same time. More importantly, the friendly service made eating there more pleasant because it's one of those rare places where the waitress bothers to speak to the non-french speaking customer.

  2. Someone is sounding a little bitter..... Wahahahahaha. Actually, there are two sewing machines in the back. I wanted to get a photo of them but the place was jam-packed, I couldn't get any good photos inside.

  3. I'm really sorry for you because if you really liked this place you have absolutely no taste (for galettes at least). I hope that you'll be able to try a real galette in Brittany once in your life.

  4. @Anonymous - don't feel sorry for me, we with bad tast end up liking a bunch of stuff and are happier, in general....