Tuesday, December 16, 2008

La Goulette - Paris

Just the Fries, Please
Sometimes laziness gets the best of me. Ok, truth be told, sometimes ambitiousness gets the best of me, the rest of the time I am lazy. Tonight was no exception. I picked a small Tunisian cafe for dinner because it is directly across the street from my hotel.

These caramel-nut treats looked good until I got outside, bit into one and almost broke a tooth. I considered chucking it down the street, cricket-bowler-style, but worried that it would carom at an odd angle and disfigure someone.

What about the merguez sandwich, you ask? No. Terrible. The bread was tough and the sausage was tasteless. I don't think I would feed this to my cat, if I had a cat.

Just as I was about to give up, I took a bite of the fries and was amazed. These were the best fries I can remember having, period. If you like your fries piping hot, crispy on the outside and salty as all get-out, then you will love these. I wolfed em down and made a mental note: falafel sandwich from L'As du Falafel and some of these fries would be a perfect combo!

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  1. Wow... fries that beat L'As du Falafel???? That says a lot... are you sure????

    Sorry to hear that the other parts of your dinner wasn't as fantastic... hmmm.. then again... why are you eating so much??? Thought you are on a no dinner diet???

  2. Yes, Puffin - better. Those fries are slamming!!

    Stop looking over my shoulder when I am eating, don't worry about my gut - it is growing nicely!