Saturday, December 20, 2008

Breizh Cafe - Paris

A Small Piece of Brittany in Paris
Excuse the alliteration, but Breizh means Brittany, in Breton. Breton is a celtic language that is a relative of Cornish and Welsh. I had no clue about any of that until I read this. The Breizh Cafe focuses on galettes and crepes, Breton-style. Below is my "Galette de Champignons", a tasty mix of cheese, mushrooms and ham wrapped in a buckwheat envelope. It was delicious.

The story behind the place is quite interesting. The owner opened the first Breizh Cafe in Brittany and then moved to Japan with his Japanese wife and opened up a handful in Tokyo. Only then did he open this one in Paris, bringing with him some of the Japanese cooks.

The space itself is simple and bright.

There is funky, colorful art hanging on the walls.

Next time, I will try some of their sweet crepes. (UPDATE: they won Crepe of the Year 2009 in Paris, so it is no longer as empty as the shots show.)
3rd Arondissement

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  1. How come you bring me to street stand for crepe but find such a small cutsie restarant for yourself?

    Was the cheese on the crepe tasty enough for you? It's Japanese inspired? If so, you might have complains abt the cheese right??? Hahahah...

  2. Not Japanese-inspired, Pinguino. Breton-style, cooked by Japanese as trained by Breton chefs. Or, so they would lead you to believe.

    I think you should change your name from the "Puff Speaks" to the "Puff Complains" - wahahahahaha.

  3. Oh fine.. if that's how you want it to be then u will get it!!!

  4. On second thought, "The Puff Whines" would have been better....

  5. Blah blah blah...... I will send you a picture of my home cooked chicken rice dinner and hear the Gorilla whine instead....

  6. that's one of my favorite spots in Paris... when you go back for the sweet crepes (and you should), try the "Carrement Sarrasin" - that's my regular order. SO good!!

  7. Kerrin, I will definitely be going back for a sweet crepe and some cider. As you can see from the comments above, it might be wise for me to wait for my Puffin to return in February though.

  8. Hello! Decided to spy on what food you've been having. Anyway, I could have sworn that the woman in the second picture was my sister, the puff herself!

  9. Hey there, Puff's sis! No way, that chick ain't half as pretty and hot as your sister.