Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mother's Cupboard - Syracuse

Manly Burger Lunch
I wasn't comfortable cutting my burger in half at Mother's Cupboard - there are pickup trucks and Harley's parked outside in the lot, know what I mean?  It's like sitting ringside at a mixed martial arts fight wearing a pink bow tie.  I had to do it though - I wanted you to see the beautiful cross-section.  Just look at it - a juicy patty with bacon, cheese and an over-easy fried egg between a toasted, flaky bun that was up to the task.

I take credit for the egg on top - they don't normally serve em that way.  Mother's Cupboard can take credit for the rest.  Though they're known for their huge breakfasts, serving things like a 6-lb fritatta and  pancakes the size of trash can lids, the burgers are normal-sized and are absolutely delicious.
I grew up around here so I know I'm biased when I tell you that the this beef tastes more "normal."  What does that mean?  Well, I wouldn't be surprised if the cow that ended up in this burger grazed right outside of town and was slaughtered by hand a few days ago.  I know it's not true - but it just tastes that way.  The first bite of this juicy mess took me back to my childhood.
It's an authentic dump so if you're sensitive about eating in a ramshackle place that looks like it's about to fall over, keep it moving.  I'm so tired of places trying to look old and weathered that it was a treat to sit in one that didn't need to fake it.

Some old-timers claim the little red shack was originally part of an aerodrome and that blimps were tethered to the hillside, above the train tracks. I can't confirm it, I think they're simply messing with me.

3709 James St

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  1. Burger for breakfast sounds like a lot!!! But it does look very very yummy... Yolk looks runny too... Plus fries the way u like it.

    Let's do this in Nov :) hungry hungry!

  2. @Dodo - the title of the post has the word "lunch" in it, helllloooo? Nevertheless, I would eat this burger for breakfast, no prob.

  3. Peg, Pete & I had breakfast at Mother's Cupboard this past Sunday. The short-order cook told us he uses 2300 pounds of potatoes per week! We forgot to ask him who has to peel them all.

  4. @Sal - whoa, that's a lot of taters.