Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stella's Diner - Syracuse

It's Simple, but Oh So Good!
I spend a lot of time on planes but don't eat the food. While in the air I usually plan my first meal (and sometimes the second through tenth.) On my way to Syracuse, I didn't have to think long - Stella's is near the airport and they serve diner food that's hard to beat. Since Dodo wasn't with me, it's a two-fer: I get a slamming meal and get to drive her into an jealous rage.

It was late afternoon, but Stella's serve breakfast all day. I got their namesake breakfast sandwich: eggs, cheese and bacon grilled on "Texas" toast. It came with what seemed like a wheelbarrow of home fried potatoes. A lot of places try to make this simple sandwich but it doesn't taste this good. Is it the eggs? The bacon? The years of greasy build-up on the grill?

Sal-Dukes got the eggs benedict with the "other half" of the home fries. That's an 8-inch diameter plate, folks! A ridiculous amount of food for an old codger like her. I buckled down and helped her out.

These weren't dynamic and mind-blowing but tasty and filling, nevertheless.

The carrot cake caught me off guard - I didn't expect it to be so moist and delicious. It was a gigantic brick of cake for just $2.99!
This is the real deal - a diner that looks like a diner.  Booths, counter seats and friendly waitresses.

110 Wolf St

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  1. You are right... I am JEALOUS! No worries... I will be patient and wait till Thanksgiving... Meanie!!!

  2. @Puffin - ha ha. You, patient? Yeah right. Wait till you see the next post....