Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Bistro - Brooklyn

Senegalese Fusion Burger
A friend of a friend told me about a place in Fort Greene with a pretty good burger. He said it matter-of-factly, with little elaboration other than a general idea of its location and told me "you'll know it when you see it - it's Senegalese." "A Senegalese burger?" I asked, scrunching up my face, but got no response. The next day I Googled the address - without which I don't think I would have found it, but more on that later. Cutting to the chase, I ordered it medium, with cheese and salsa. Not any old salsa - Senegalese salsa - an alchemy of jalapeno peppers, red peppers, olives, capers and sauteed onions. It arrived full of promise, with a small salad, fruit slices and home fries.

The heavenly first bite confirmed what I'd suspected - this is no ordinary burger. It was spectacularly juicy and tender, the salsa adding a perfect zestiness. The home fries were equally divine - crisp and garlicky - the way you always hope they will be but never are in lesser places. Over time, I plan to make my way through the rest of the Menu in this cozy, delightful place.

If you plan to go, here is a shot of the outside to help you. Don't let it throw you, all the attention is put on the food, where it belongs.

Fort Greene

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  1. wow that looks pretty insane

    what other options do we have for salsa? any french fries? just home fries?

  2. NYCFG - I think it usually comes with fries during the week, I was there Sunday at noon so home fries were the norm. Not too many options for the burger that I could see, my two were to add cheese and salsa. Not the cheapest burger around - I think it ended up costing around $14, but is sure was the tastiest I have had in a while and they actually served it medium, as requested.

  3. Yes, I read this a while back. Looks incredible. Am meeting a friend in that neighborhood for dinner this weekend - maybe we'll go? Thanks for the tip!


  5. Lol, attack of the Anonymous commenters..... and in caps, at that.