Sunday, November 23, 2008

67 Burger - Brooklyn

All Looks, No Personality
I am a burger lover, pure and simple. Thus, I went to 67 Burger with a predisposition to like it. Nothing in the lead up hinted otherwise. Not the sweet smell of sizzling beef that hit me one step inside. Not the dizzying options available on the menu. Not the smiles of those half-way through their burgers. Puff and I ordered and waited hungrily at our table. She a ranch, me a bacon-cheese. They arrived and were shockingly beautiful.

Disappointment was one bite in and was still there after the second. Not to say these were bad burgers. They were fine. But they promised to be so much more. Perhaps they didn't have enough fat in them? Or the meat was not as good as it should be? I really don't know what it was. Just ok, just so-so. Or perhaps the bar was raised to an absurd level from my visit to A Bistro.
Fort Greene

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1 comment:

  1. I am usually less critical... but for this.. I have to agree. The patty wasn't as juicy as the tiny pitiful bite he kindly shared with me at A Bistro.. (opps! not supposed to be snarky...)

    Overall... I doubt I'll be back.