Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sin Ming Roti Prata - Singapore

The Bar Has Been Raised
For me, the perfect roti prata is a balance between flaky and fluffy. The skin should shatter a bit when forked and you shouldn't have to work to hard to tear off a chunk. Sin Ming Roti Prata gets it just right. I've been a handful of times now and they're consistently good. If they were closer to Puffin's and not a cab ride away I wouldn't go anywhere else for prata. I'll crown them, for now, as my favorite "travel prata."

Every time I visit Singapore I pick up a bit more lingo. Gosong means plain as in "two gosong" will get you two plain prata. Puffin's girfriend MC suggested I try one with banana and I'm glad I listened. It was as thin as the hot banana slices inside, which you could see through the crust. Really tasty, like a banana crepe. I now have a new love.

MC got an order of curry chicken, which I took a taste of. Not bad, but nothing special. Definitely not up to the prata standards.

I think I'll visit these guys every time I come to Singapore. They're not easy to get to, but worth the extra effort and cost.

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  1. How can you have a new love? I thought only one love... ME! Haha...

    Maybe I should go have some this Sun morning? Good idea!

  2. @Puffin - go ahead, go over there, ping me while you're eating. As revenge, I will go eat pancakes at Rose Bakery then get some dessert at Patisserie des Reves. The day after I'll go to Jean Millet and get those potatoes au gratin. Then, when I get to Brooklyn, I will go to Iris EVERY MORNING!!! Now what you got to say, Smartie? You wanna declare food war?

  3. I get some credit!! Btw, i had a mouthful and was trying to get more mouthfuls of the banana prata, but you unshamingly cleaned up everything. not even a morsel for me.

  4. @MC, my boy Froggy has a great saying "there's more in the store."

  5. I love sin Ming prata too .. So much I featured them on my own blog as well :)
    I find them better than than the over hyped prata house at upper Thomson

  6. @Ian - I couldn't agree more. By the time I visited the hyped places like Casuarina I was totally underwhelmed. I wish this place were closer to where I stay in Singapore, I always have to grab a cab or beg for a ride there!

  7. dont you dare eat prata anywhere else. thats betrayal
    its like cheating on your wife (assuming your a man)
    its like cheating in a game of scrabble
    its like telling your best friend youll meet them at 5, but you go meet their arch enemy for ice cream
    just dont. i will hunt you down and eat you for breakfast
    then il wash your disgusting taste out of my mouth with some awesome prata from the cool place you betrayed

  8. please dont go to the other prata shop on thomson road, theyre a fake copy that pretend their the best in singapore but its a lie. all lies. dont fall for them or you will regret it!

  9. @Anon & I Luv - Sin Ming is like the temple. I pray there once a week. Just went this past weekend..... I go to other prata shops just because I feel sorry for them

  10. Yay! Looks yummy. I would want to try this at home. Thank you for sharing your best roti prata in Singapore food experience. ;)