Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mom's Diner - Syracuse

This One's for My Girlfriend
This blog's readership has grown over time, usually because folks are searching for places to eat in Paris. Some of the Paris entries may lead you to believe we're fancy - but we're not. More often than not we're easily satisifed with the simplest of foods. So, in keeping with the mission of the Puff List, in honor of that cutesie girl whose photos are to the right, I offer up one of her favorite, simple meals - something we in the States take for granted - a nice greasy spoon diner breakfast of scrambled eggs, hash browns and toast.

The close-up of the hash browns is on purpose. See, the Puffin loves hash browns. Not the fancy ones, not the ones for which the chef harvests the potatoes himself and fries them in savory yak oil or some such nonsense. She loves the diner style, pre-packaged, fry em up on the griddle and eat em til your arteries harden type. When we come to see my mom in Syracuse, we eat breakfast most mornings at Mom's Diner. Food-wise, it's not out of the ordinary - typical diner stuff. However, if you eat there often enough it's like going to someone's house. You get to know the regulars and they get to know you. Puffin - they all say "hi" and want to know when you're coming back. Don't worry, when you do, they're still be plenty of hash browns to go around.
Syracuse, New York

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  1. Yeah.. I do miss the hash browns from Mom's. I think it's because they always make it fresh (ie fry only when we order).

    I think I will love the fancy style one too... just that someone has not got down to making that for me... hint hint :)

  2. Yeah, fresh outta the freezer to the skillet! No fancy style for you, you couldn't handle it.