Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Heid's - Syracuse

This is How a Dog Should Be, Frenchies!
I promised to take Pingle to Katz's Deli in Manhattan to get her a real dog. Last week, I got her something even better - a frank and a coney from Heid's in Syracuse. Technically, it's located in Liverpool, NY - just outside Syracuse - so no hate mail please. Heid's uses dogs from Hofmann's in Syracuse, sorry Katz - you can't top that no matter how hard you try. Just take a look at these franks - their natural casings charred to a cancer-inducing crisp. My mom's is topped with sweet relish, the other with onions.

Just imagine the crisp snap as you bite into this Coney (otherwise known as a Snappy) - a mix of beef, veal and pork. I ate half a frank and half of a coney and then rotated with Pingle. She preferred the frank, I the coney - another reason we get along so well - our hot dog love doesn't overlap.

Just for fun we threw in an order of chili fries because we're greedy. We also got an order of baked beans. To me, these were just sideshows to the main gig - the dogs.

Just imagine - three dogs, chili fries, baked beans, two iced teas and a large chocolate shake for only 18 American bucks!! Can't be beat.
Liverpool NY

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  1. Yeap.. the dogs were SLAMMING (ha! in your language babe!)

    In addition to the crisp snap, it was juicy!!

    When are we going back for more again?

  2. Pingle with the American lingo! I love it!

    Hopefully, we'll be going back soon.

  3. You didn't even mention the nifty ice-cream treats you can get there. I'm going back just for a butterscotch sundae. Stay tuned.

  4. Sal, send me a photo of your butterscotch sundae and I will throw it on the Puff List. (You may have to invite Peter to take advantage of his camera skills....)

  5. Gotta find Peter first; he's doing his Keep The World Safe for Democracy faculty gig now. :-)