Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spruce Taqueria - Singapore

Boondocko for Tacos
Some of us have rules. Some of us wouldn't try noodles in Paris or burgers in Seoul. That makes sense when you're visiting for a short time, I guess. I'm liable to try anything anywhere, not as a rule but for the lack thereof. So there we were, hailing a taxi to the boonies to test out some tacos. The taxi driver scrunched up his face more than they usually do when I gave the location. I figured he'd never heard of it until Pingles repeated exactly what I said with a Singlish lilt. "Ahhh", he confirmed: "Tangleeen Rote ah."

I'm no taco expert but I ate a lot of excellent ones while living in southern California. However, my guard was down - surely I couldn't apply the same metrics in Singapore, that wouldn't be fair. I recalibrated one bite into the pork carnitas taco. It was pretty good. Not excellent, but tasty enough to make me sit up and take notice. The ingredients were fresh and extremely flavorful, with a lingering zest of jalapeno and salsa.

The short rib quesadillas were even better, though measly for the $S6 price tag. They arrived fresh off the grill, piping hot with the cheese seeping from the edges. I had to wait a while to tackle them. That gave me time to polish off most of Pingle's tortilla chips and salsa, which didn't let me down.

A peek under the hood confounded me - though underwhelming visually, the quesadillas packed quite a flavor punch. Pingles seemed to be even more surprised than I - she munched silently for some time before whispering under her breath "love." (No, dear readers, she was not talking about me, the guy who brought her to this wonderful meal.)

If you've spent any time in SoCal, you know what "taqueria" means. It's no different here - just a small shack with some outdoor seating scattered about. Strangely for Singapore, it's only open M-F from noon to 3pm. Probably a trial period to see what the interest is. If it weren't for the location, I'd suggest they open 24/7.

320 Tanglin Road

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  1. Yeah... love.... :)

    I like tacos... one is perfect serving for dinner!

    Only one item missing... salsa verve.

  2. @Dodomode - ummm, that would be verDe, with a D, like Dodo.